Creativity is about innovation if we take a look at the business world. So if we want to search for the most creative organization, we should take at the numbers of innovations a company develops in for example one year. Since we are not going to talk about statistics and patentnumbers, I would gladly show you my opinion.

In my point of view the most creative company is the company which produces the most distictive and original products on the market. I think that google is one of the most creative companies. It does not only innovate their current practices, but also invents new ones. For example they were the first who invented online-document-editing, streetview on google maps and even google maps itself. There are actually many more examples of google.

On wikipedia there is a very good discription about the products Google lauched next to their search engine (E.g. Android):

Google Translate is a server-side machine translation service, which can translate between 35 different languages. Browser extensions allow for easy access to Google Translate from the browser. The software uses corpus linguistics techniques, where the program “learns” from professionally translated documents, specifically UN and European Parliamentproceedings.[162] Furthermore, a “suggest a better translation” feature accompanies the translated text, allowing users to indicate where the current translation is incorrect or otherwise inferior to another translation.

Google launched its Google News service in 2002. The site proclaimed that the company had created a “highly unusual” site that “offers a news service compiled solely by computer algorithms without human intervention. Google employs no editors, managing editors, or executive editors.”[163] The site hosted less licensed news content than Yahoo! News, and instead presented topically selected links to news and opinion pieces along with reproductions of their headlines, story leads, and photographs.[164] The photographs are typically reduced to thumbnail size and placed next to headlines from other news sources on the same topic in order to minimize copyright infringement claims. Nevertheless, Agence France Presse sued Google for copyright infringement in federal court in the District of Columbia, a case which Google settled for an undisclosed amount in a pact that included a license of the full text of AFP articles for use on Google News.[165]

In 2006, Google made a bid to offer free wireless broadband access throughout the city of San Francisco along with Internet service provider EarthLink. Large telecommunications companies such as Comcast and Verizon opposed such efforts, claiming it was “unfair competition” and that cities would be violating their commitments to offer local monopolies to these companies. In his testimony before Congress on network neutrality in 2006, Google’s Chief Internet EvangelistVint Cerf blamed such tactics on the fact that nearly half of all consumers lack meaningful choice in broadband providers.[166] Google currently offers free wi-fi access in its hometown of Mountain View, California.[167]

In 2010, Google announced the Google Fiber project with plans to build an ultra-high-speed broadband network for 50,000 to 500,000 customers in one or more American cities.[168] On March 30, 2011, Google announced that Kansas City, Kansas would be the first community where the new network would be deployed.[169] In July 2012, Google completed the construction of a fiber-optic broadband internet network infrastructure in Kansas City, and after building an infrastructure, Google announced pricing for Google Fiber. The service will offer three options including a free broadband internet option, a 1Gbit/s internet option for $70 per month and a version that includes television service for $120 per month.[13]

In 2007, reports surfaced that Google was planning the release of its own mobile phone, possibly a competitor to Apple‘s iPhone.[170][171][172] The project, called Android, turned out not to be a phone but an operating system for mobile devices, which Google acquired and then released as an open source project under the Apache 2.0 license.[173] Google provides a software development kit for developers so applications can be created to be run on Android-based phones. In September 2008, T-Mobile released the G1, the first Android-based phone.[174] More than a year later on January 5, 2010, Google released an Android phone under its own company name called the Nexus One.[175]

Other projects Google has worked on include a new collaborative communication service, a web browser, and even a mobile operating system. The first of these was first announced on May 27, 2009. Google Wave was described as a product that helps users communicate and collaborate on the web. The service is Google’s “email redesigned”, with realtime editing, the ability to embed audio, video, and other media, and extensions that further enhance the communication experience. Google Wave was previously in a developer’s preview, where interested users had to be invited to test the service, but was released to the general public on May 19, 2010, at Google’s I/O keynote. On September 1, 2008, Google pre-announced the upcoming availability of Google Chrome, an open source web browser,[176] which was then released on September 2, 2008. The next year, on July 7, 2009, Google announced Google Chrome OS, an open source Linux-based operating system that includes only a web browser and is designed to log users into their Google account.[177][178]

Google Goggles is a mobile application available on Android and iOS used for image recognition and non-text-based search. In addition to scanning QR codes, the app can recognize historic landmarks, import business cards, and solve Sudoku puzzles.[179] While Goggles could originally identify people as well, Google has limited that functionality as a privacy protection.[180]

In 2011, Google announced that it will unveil Google Wallet, a mobile application for wireless payments.[181]

In late June 2011, Google soft-launched a social networking service called Google+.[182] On July 14, 2011, Google announced that Google+ had reached 10 million users just two weeks after it was launched in this “limited” trial phase.[183] After four weeks in operation, it had reached 25 million users.[184] (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google#Other_products, 2012)

Android and even phones itself show that google is very creative in finding solutions based on consumer demands. Almost all their products are successful, which leads to the conclusion that their creativity is effective. So because Google is producing more products than only their core business (Search engine) and performs this is such an original and unqiue manner, I think google is one of the most creative companies in the world.


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