The question of this week is about the most important innovation in a certain part of me. This could for example be my life, my school, my family or even in my current situation.

As most of the people probably going for the most important innovation in your life, I am going to talk about the most important innovation in my current situation. Since I have my own webdevelopment company, I am currently very bussy with creating webdesigns for my customers. For webdesigning I am using Adobe products, especially Adobe Photoshop. Adobe is updating their products monthly slightly, and innovates its product yearly. This year they introduced various new tools which can be very helpful for my work. For example they introduced content-aware replacement. This allow me to change objects in a picture from place to place, without imitating the world behind the object myself. Adobe Photoshop CS5 and CS6 are able to make complex calculations, which result in perfect content-aware changes.

Furthermore I would like to pay some attention about the most important innovation in my life. For me the most important innovation is  the basic  concept of the computer. Computers are useful in almost any situation, especially if you imagine that robots, radars, airfield control panels, cars, planes and more are all using computers as their basic operation system. Without the computer, humanity wouldn’t be so modern as nowadays. Especially if you assume that almost any technological innovation/invention is created by the use of a computer. Moreover, the current high level of healthcare wouldn’t be here without the invention of the computer.  For humanity it is a second source of brainpower. It helps us in every thinkable situation, to make things new, to make them save, to make them better and to make it the best.

In short, the computer is the most important invention in my life, and I believe to say in many other lifes.  Moreover in my workingenvironment, the most important innovation are the current Adobe Photoshop cs5 and cs 6.


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