Creativity is very important to express your feelings, ideas and the other way around. It is crucial for understanding the new ideas, plans or products of others. Currently innovation is a very important aspects of the business world. Innovation is the commercialization of new ideas. New ideas come from creativity. The explains the role and importance of creativity in the business world.

Creativity is also important for your personal development. Most people feel daily incentives to express their ideas. It could be a very simple idea about going to a Gym, but it can also be a very complicated one as the invention of a new product. In both cases the specific person needs creativity: creativity to make a daily scedule wich fits 24 hours, and creativity to innovate.

The last reason is that many constraints, problems and issues are solved by the use of creativity. It does not matter whether its a math problem, a social problem or a financial problem: in all cases you need to be creativity to find a solution wich fits.

“Without creativity, the current will stay the current”


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