This question demands a very subjective answer. Every person thinks differently about the measurement of creativity. Therefore I will focus my measurement on innovation in the (consumer) business world, a result of great creativity.

Currently Apple is the most innovative company on the consumer market (http://www.fastcompany.com/most-innovative-companies/2011/). The man behind was of course Steve Jobs. A very creative person, however his partner Wozniak was in my opinion way more creative. He was the person who invented the first mac and developed it years and years. Without Wozniak, steve jobs would never be as famous as he is now. Thanks to Wozniak, he was able to express his personal creativity in marketing.

On the other hands, Steve Jobs, was also a very creative marketing leader. However, all his commercials were developed by external companies. Although he forced these companies to visualize his idea exactly, it always ended a bit different.

I think that everyone is creative in his or her own way. The point is that we argue people are most creative when most(the mass) like the outcome of their creativity(expressions).

“Everyone is creative, although most expressions are not loved publicly”



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