Matthijs is the Dutch form of Mathias. According to BehindTheName.com, Mathias is a variant of Matthaios (see MATTHEW) which appears in the New Testament as the name of the apostle chosen to replace the traitor Judas Iscariot. This was also the name of kings of Hungary, including Matthias I who made important reforms to the kingdom in the 15th century.

If you change the order of the letters of “Matthijs” you can get Masttijh, which does not make sense.

However, I think my name stands for the following:
M – Masculinity, which is possessing qualities or characteristics considered typical of or appropriate to a man.
A – Atheistic, I do not believe in any god, however I respect the ones who do greatly.
T – Teeth, my front teeth are very big.
T – Tappanade, which is an italian mix of various vegetables and herbes. I like this very much.
H – Harmless, I am very friendly and do not want harm nobody.
I – Intelligent, which I am ofcourse. Or maybe not?
J – Joke, it’s the name of my Mother.
S – Strict, if you make an appointment with me, you have to do it.


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